Search your name to learn if you own land in our proposed development

You and your descendants could be entitled to significant annual lease payments that increase over time.

Revel-Scannell has a history of successful projects on the reservation. Scannell Properties has been in business for 33 years.
This project will give much more lease income than agriculture. It will have retail, distribution, or light manufacturing.
After the lease is over, the land will still belong to your descendants and they decide what to do with it in the future.
This development will create many jobs in the GRIC community.
We have finished two years of negotiations with the BIA. The final step is for the landowners to decide whether they consent.

About Revel-Scannell

Revel-Scannell is a joint venture between Revel Development Holdings and Scannell Properties. Founded in 1990, Scannell Properties is a privately owned real estate development and investment company. It is one of the largest in North America. They currently have 140 projects in 33 states, and 70% of their business is repeats from satisfied customers. They also value giving back to the community, supporting 60 charitable organizations in 2020 alone. They have a significant presence in the Valley including a recently completed project in Mesa-Gateway and an ongoing project in Laveen.

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Creating a shared partnership with Revel-Scannell, the landowners, and their families

Local Familiarity and Experience

Mr. Nahon, a Revel managing partner, has worked with the community for over 10 years. In addition, Scannell Properties has numerous commercial projects active in the Maricopa County area.

Respect for Tribal Community

Revel-Scannell's first priority is to make sure this project benefits the community landowners and their families, making sure all opinions are heard and respected.

Long-Standing Track Record of Success

With 33 years in business and billions of dollars of development volume each year, Scannell Properties is sure to follow through and see the development project to its conclusion.

Resources to Invest in Doing It Right

There is significant infrastructure (roads, plumbing, electricity, etc.) required to develop the property, so combining Scannell's resources with Revel's local knowledge will ensure a successful result.